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Michelle is a Filipino-American Army brat who grew up in Germany.  She spent 18 years between three different cultures before joining the United States Air Force. After serving for six years, Michelle started her journey into filmmaking, one that she realized had been ongoing since she was young. Initially, creating videos was her form of artistic self-expression. Now, not only does her work represent her inner emotions, but also brings along messages of community, belonging and healing. She is currently based in Austin, Texas.

Michelle is a current mentee for the 2023-2024 Veterans Writing Project, a screenwriting program with the Writers Guild Foundation. Find more information here.

CV and full filmography is available upon request. Please use the contact function below.


The Fall - Short Film | Drama

Assistant Director

What the Heart Needs- Short Film | Drama

Producer - Link

Female Voice of Kurdistan (2023) - Documentary

Assistant Director - Link

Das Cello (2023) - Short Film

Assistant Producer - Link


We Need to Talk (2022)Short Film | Drama, Comedy

Assistant Director

Pain and Pleasure (2022)Short Film | Horror, Comedy
Assistant Director

Thru (2022)Short Film | Comedy, Action

Writer, Director, Producer - Trailer

Blank Space by AKA Kelzz (2022) - Music Video

Producer, Co-Director - Link

Encore (2022)Short Film | Drama

2nd Assistant Director - Trailer

Two Feet Below (2022)Short Film | Horror, Comedy

Assistant Director, Voice Actor - Link

Running for You by Caspar Klein (2022) - Music Video

Set Manager - Link

A Matter of Zeal (2021)Short Film | Film Noir, Drama

Writer, Director​ - Link

Berliner Psycho (2021)Short Film | Slasher

Director​, Producer - Link

Psychedelic Reiki Massage (2021)Short Film | Documentary

Director​, Producer - Link

Sick of this Stuff (2020)Short Film | Comedy, Abstract

Director​ - Link

Hugs & Kisses (2020)Web Series | Romance, Comedy

Actor​ - Link

WeVibe How-To Videos (2020-21)Web Advertisements

Actor - Link

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